Managed File Transfers as a Service

GNS has developed a powerful, proprietary application called FileXfer to manage data file transfers as a service for our clients. FileXfer can be utilized to transfer files within a client's environment, or to send and receive data outside of the organization. Many clients use FileXfer to manage hybrid cloud and SaaS data transfers.

Since FileXfer was built from the ground-up to support GNS operations, it is extremely versatile. If a client has any unique requirements, GNS can customize FileXfer to accommodate them.

The following bidirectional features are supported:

  • Push operations where files are sent from the hosted environment to an external site
  • Pull operations where files are collected from an external site
  • All secure file transfer protocols
  • All encryption mechanisms, in both data transit and on the files themselves
  • Hosting of an external facing SFTP site where business partners can "drop" files
  • Accessing external SFTP sites that are hosted by third parties
  • Email delivery and acceptance of data
  • File integrity checks using checksums, headers, and footers
  • Interactive, API-based data collection mechanisms
  • Running of user or GNS developed scripts and programs for data transformation
  • Any file naming conventions and renaming requirements requested by business partners
  • Extensive error checking and retries before escalating to GNS operations staff

GNS moves over a thousand files a day worldwide through the FileXfer system. Every operation is safely stored in a GNS hosted and managed database for reconciliation and audit purposes. The status of active transfer jobs can be tracked in the GNS client portal, and all automation jobs employ rigorous error checking. If a file is not available, or an operation does not proceed as expected, GNS support staff will receive an alert and investigate the issue.

GNS resolves any failed file transfer issue by working with the counterparties without the client needing to be involved. If a client requests, GNS can produce a runbook of manual operations and phone contacts that GNS staff make use of to resolve issues with counterparties.

Using GNS and FileXfer:

  • Saves clients time and money
  • Increases the resiliency of file transfer operations
  • Simplifies the file transfer process
  • Improves data security
  • Provides transparency and audit trails

Let GNS manage your organization's data file transfer needs so that every day starts and ends knowing your critical data flows will occur on schedule.