Generic Network Systems is a premier hosting and managed services partner for all Advent software products. We have been hosting and managing Advent products since our company's inception, and have been a certified partner since 2008, longer than any other hosting partner.

We currently have over 150 Advent clients making use of one of our services, and we can provide hosting or management services for all Advent products, including, but not limited to Geneva, APX, Moxy, Axys, and Syncova.

Working with Advent, we've provided services to numerous clients across the globe. In the Americas, we contract directly with clients. In Europe and Asia, we are proud to have been selected as Advent's exclusive provider for those who want to contract with Advent for hosting services.

We provide the following services for Advent clients:

Private Cloud Hosting

We run the Advent systems on GNS owned servers in our private cloud. In addition to a solid infrastructure and hosting support, we provide a significant range of operational services to manage the applications. We are also the only hosting provider that can support a direct connection to hosted applications for those clients who don't wish to use a Citrix interface.

Management Services

Some clients choose to run Advent software on their own hardware, but contract GNS to provide server and application management services. This service has proved to be very popular as Geneva runs on UNIX and requires extensive interaction at the OS level, which is something most clients wish to defer.

Installation and Consulting Services

For clients new to the Advent Geneva product, GNS can provide critical bootstrap services to ensure the proper install and operation of the system. We can also help with diagnosing any performance issues the system exhibits.

Downloads for more details: