Managed Services

The primary focus of our business is based on remotely managing IT infrastructure. For customers who are looking for an expert team to back up their current staff, or for those who wish to establish a genuinely cost-effective, outsourced solution from the start, GNS can meet your needs.

Key Benefits of Managed Services

  • Reduces costs, including traditional service fees, hardware, IT operations, and transport
  • Eases adoption of new business processes
  • Increases the level of support and network availability without the need for additional staff
  • Stabilizes the IT budget for better predictability
  • Provides access to the latest technology with limited risk
  • Provides access to an enhanced skills base
  • Makes it easier to adapt to changing business conditions

GNS Delivers

  • Proactive 24/7 support
  • One-call response to customer inquiries with no ticket queues
  • Expert team to resolve problems and implement new solutions
  • Unparalleled expertise in UNIX/Linux and Windows environments
  • Redundant system monitoring
  • Per server or fixed fee support pricing
Managed Services

GNS is an authorized Advent Partner and we currently manage over 150 clients around the world who run Geneva. Our teams are experts in both Geneva set-up and administration. GNS will ensure that your Geneva system is operating properly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

GNS supports all of your Geneva application needs, including, but not limited to the following.

  • Configure and maintain backups
  • Perform patch releases of Geneva
  • Help clients interface with Advent support
  • Set-up Development/QA environments
  • Move data from Production to Development/Test
  • Move scripts and RSL files from Development/Test to Production
  • Support Advent professional services or outside consultants with system requests
  • Maintain and support user desktop connections to the system
  • Monitor Geneva 24 hours a day with the GNS custom monitoring system
  • Automate daily administration duties with custom scripts

GNS's Geneva knowledge is second to none. You are in safe hands when you choose GNS for Geneva hosting or management. Talk to our team.

Most small to midsize companies do not have enough work for a full time database administrator. However, in order for these organizations to effectively monitor and manage their databases, they still require DBA expertise from time to time. Expert administration is essential in ensuring that developers and their production systems receive the necessary support they require.

GNS offers a complete, remote DBA service at a fraction of the cost of a full-time, on-site DBA. No need to cover holidays, pay for desk space or 401K plans, and unlike a part-time consultant, our team is always available. Simple, cost-effective pricing solutions for expert support gives your company the opportunity to run the very best high-end software.

GNS has a wealth of experience with modern database software, and our knowledge isn't simply associated with the management end. Internally, we utilize database technologies for our own monitoring and server management systems. Our staff have skills that go beyond that of the typical DBA, and many of them are exceptional programmers as well.

We manage and have great expertise with the following database systems:


We realize that all information in our customers' databases is extremely vital to their business operation, so along with our skilled management of client databases, we can develop and implement a comprehensive backup and recovery plan. We manage databases on Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms and have a great deal of experience with packaged backup software, as well as developing custom solutions for each platform.

Whatever your database management requirements are, our technical team has a solution. You can be confident that your data is secure and in good hands.

Our Approach

At GNS, we are keenly aware that IT networks are the bedrock upon which our clients make use of their technology investment. Constructing the best network for a business requires a great deal of technical knowledge, a significant amount of experience, and efficient planning. We apply all three of these qualifications to bring our customers up and running with a solution that not only fits their needs today, but continues to serve them years to come. We take pride in our work and the results speak for themselves.

Team - GNS has formed an outstanding team of Cisco-Certified staff with extensive experience in building small, medium and large scale networks. We've designed and supported everything from small offices with six computers networked together, to equity trading floors with dozens of servers and fiber-connected workstations utilizing international WAN links for real-time trading. We also have market data specialists who have designed and built some of the most demanding LAN environments imaginable. We have likely built anything you can envision. Most importantly, we have learned what works and what doesn't in order to provide the most scalable and robust implementations available.

Hardware - Although we specialize in Cisco equipment, we know that quality hardware can come from any number of different sources. We often mix and match platforms to get the best value and feature set available for our clients. We constantly monitor the marketplace in search for new equipment that can be useful to our clients. Our test environment makes use of a large range of systems that we employ for verifying compatibility and alternate network designs. All new designs are thoroughly tested prior to implementation on a customer's site. We have the ability to simulate Frame Relay, T1, and T3 WAN connectivity, as well as WLANS and VPN's between sites. We have even brought in vendor data feeds to help simulate traffic levels when it's been useful in the design process.

Security - Network security is always a major concern for our clients as they often work with sensitive financial data. In addition to designing and building solid Internet/DMZ/LAN solutions, we also provide IDS configurations, and if required, real-time monitoring of internal networks. All of our hosted environments implement the most stringent of security standards. They feature continuous checks from both inside and outside the network using industry standard tools. We also employ custom procedures and tools that we've developed ourselves. We take security very seriously and you can be assured that we keep current with all relevant industry standards and practices.

Management - Implementing a fast, secure network solution that exceeds our client's expectations and provides them with great value isn't all that GNS provides. We also monitor all of our client's systems 24/7, which includes their network infrastructure as well. Our team is always ready to act at the first sign of trouble, and often before it's ever noticed by a customer. We are well aware that "downtime = lost money", and we work quickly and diligently to replace any defective hardware or make use of redundant pathways in order to ensure our clients stay up and running.

Almost all trading and accounting systems need to exchange data with various upstream and downstream processes. GNS can also help your organization with any of the following:

Prime Broker Communication - Typically this is executed through secure batch file transfer over ftp or a web services channel. GNS can automate these file exchanges and include both monitoring and scheduling for them in our service plan.

Intra System Communication - Many GNS clients need to have the output from one system sent on to another. In some cases these are internal systems, and in others they are hosted. GNS can link the systems together and ensure that the transfers take place either on a regular basis or on demand.

Market Data - Almost all financial systems depend on reliable market data for pricing and other reference purposes. GNS works with all the major market data providers and can configure and maintain the feeds into and out of your systems.

Web Reporting - The days of sending a client printed reports have come to an end. GNS can transfer reports to a client's web portal as soon as they are generated. We can also set-up and maintain the web infrastructure inside your firm or from within the GNS private cloud.

Since our founding in 2001, we have become specialists at integrating various systems with data files from many different sources. Our engineers utilize a number of different programing languages and a make use of a large library of validated code in order to successfully complete projects in the shortest time possible. Whatever your data integration requirements, GNS has the tools and the knowledge for the job.

Please contact us to find out more.

With over 100 years of cumulative UNIX experience in house, it's easy to understand why GNS is the preferred solution provider for UNIX services in the asset management industry.

As part of our fixed monthly service, we administer the following:

  • Maintain/configure most all Open Source packages
  • Monitor CPU, Memory, I/O load, Disk utilization and Syslog
  • Setup user accounts, permissions, virtual sites, backup procedures
  • Update services (kernel updates, Security, ERRATA, Bugs)

Whatever flavor of system you're required to run, the experts at GNS are the ones to call. We'll make certain your systems are available, secure, and efficient at all times.