GNS Hosted Office

GNS Hosted Office is a Private-Cloud-Enabled-Office IT solution for hedge funds and asset managers. All critical office infrastructure is hosted in our secure colocation facilities. We have tailored our office support model to provide extremely high reliability and value. We do this by incorporating the latest technology with our award winning private cloud.

Portable Desktop

We have designed this solution with mobility, speed and resiliency in mind. Users can login from any device, anywhere, anytime, and get full access to files and applications as if they were at their desk.

Private Cloud

You'll receive super-fast connection times at the office while also having the option of accessing your documents and applications at home or on the move. If your office ever goes 'off line', GNS has you covered. You'll be able to work from anywhere that has an internet connection, even from your mobile device.

High Performance

Our hybrid configuration based on local workstations provides superior screen performance to that of a full VDI solution. It also supports multiple monitors and the high quality graphic configurations that financial professionals require.


In today's cloud enabled world, the best business solutions for commodity services, like email, telephone, compliance, and archival backup, are generally provided by specialty providers. They provide improved pricing and flexibility for our clients. GNS manages the support and provisioning of these business critical services for you.

GNS Hosting

The Smart Cloud

GNS has built a "Smart Cloud" that features advanced command and control systems. It incorporates custom databases and machine learning technologies. We capture over 250,000 data points in our databases every day. GNS has built the following custom systems from the ground up:

Custom Client Portal

Users can login, review, and take action on a wide variety of information within their environment.

Custom Monitoring

Extensive monitoring is built into all systems to catch potential issues before they ever impact a client.

Self-Healing Systems

Application issues, resource limits, connectivity problems, and hardware failures are all detected and corrected automatically.

Performance Monitoring

Capacity information for all servers and key network equipment is fed into a real time database that supports a comprehensive reporting system.

Intelligent Request Processing

Support requests submitted by clients are reviewed by a machine learning system. Many client email requests are handled within seconds by these automated systems.

Application Hosting

In addition to general office IT support, GNS can provide specialized application hosting in the GNS Private Cloud for major trading and accounting systems. We are proficient in the use of all major systems utilized by financial services firms. We have over 150 clients making use of our services to support their mission critical applications. Unlike most hosting firms, we provide expert application knowledge, DBA support, and custom scripting for operation automation as part of our standard service. Enterprise private cloud hosting is furnished on Windows, Linux, and Solaris systems. We also host and support all of following for clients:

  • Advent/SS&C Geneva, APX, Moxy, Axys
  • Eze Software OMS, EMS, PMS
  • Black Mountain Systems
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • SAP
  • Charles River
  • Wall Street Office
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres DBs

Web Hosting

When your website contains business critical information, or you need to provide a sophisticated secure portal for your clients, standard consumer grade web hosting is insufficient. GNS can provide a managed, PCI-compliant site that is proactively monitored with extensive IDS and IPS systems.

We specialize in hosting the following types of web-sites:

  • Investor Websites
  • Promotional Websites
  • High-traffic Websites with Large Media Files

Our team has built a great number of internal and external sites, and we are well-versed in all of today's web-technologies. We can also help you find a designer for your site, or help your current designer get things up and running in the shortest time possible, no matter what technology they are using.

Contact our team for more details.