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GNS Announces New UK Office Opening

Generic Network Systems Announces First International Office Opening

New York, NY, July 14, 2017
Generic Network Systems, LLC, a leading global managed services and hosting provider specializing in financial systems, is proud to announce the opening of a new office location in the Covent Garden's district of Westminster, London. The expansion into the new facility is intended to better serve the firm's growing list of international customers. GNS believes the additional infrastructure will help accommodate future growth into several EU markets and leverage the local area's diverse high-technology talent pool.

GNS's COO, Tim Gamble, who leads the New York corporate office, states that ''London was the logical choice for us and for our emerging EU client base. Our North American clients have always been able to reach us rather easily, which has allowed us to offer unparalleled service to these customers, but now, rather than stretching our staff to work across time zones, we can maintain a full team of IT experts who can address any EU client needs, providing the same stellar service our US customers receive.''

In addition to the corporate headquarters in New York, GNS has established offices in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA. GNS's CEO, Rob Trangmar, agrees that the new London office space will not only be of interest to existing clientele, but also supports the company's long term growth strategy. ''The decision to expand our presence into the UK was a well-founded step in our business growth strategy. The area is rich with diverse talent from well-known colleges and universities, and is the home to several Fortune Global 500 companies as well. We have the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities in our engineering and customer support departments, as well as enhance our ability to service current and future markets.''

GNS was founded on the belief that today's financial organizations, more than in any preceding era, would require constant and adept management of IT services and resources in order to remain competitive across the global landscape. Successful organizations would find solutions to effectively support these operations, while those that did not would fall by the wayside. GNS has developed a multitude of solutions to meet any financial organization's needs, from large, prestigious firms who are household names to the small bedrock institutions of local communities.

About Generic Network Systems, LLC.: Generic Network Systems risk-based global hosting and managed service solutions enable our clients to focus on their core business practices and react quickly to market changes by harnessing the power of the latest technologies in order to best manage their business initiatives. GNS provides flexible, on-demand access to required IT resources and services and acts as the central resource for management and oversight of these assets. Customers can easily scale and expand resources as needed to support emerging business requirements, providing for greater capacity, broader coverage, and improved flexibility.

Founded in 2000, Generic Network Systems is privately held company with offices in New York, Portland, San Francisco, and London. For more information, visit

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