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Kaseya Managed Services Software

New York, 07/08/2021

For immediate release.

Generic Network Systems is aware of the recent ransomware attack involving the Kaseya Managed Services Software. GNS and our services were not impacted by this attack, and we do not make use of any Kaseya software for either the provision of services to our clientele or for that of our own internal operations. While GNS will continue to monitor this situation, we are taking proactive measures to protect our clients and that of our own infrastructure. The following steps have been enacted by GNS to support this effort.

  • All network traffic related to Kaseya has been blocked
  • Known malicious IP addresses used by the hackers have been blocked
  • SHA hashes associated with the attack have been blacklisted in SentinelOne
  • Scans of devices are ongoing which will forcibly disable any discovered Kaseya related software
  • Following internal scans for the Kaseya VSA agent, we will engage with clientele and third-party vendors to ensure that none make use of the noted Kaseya software until further notice

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