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Security in the Time of Russia and Ukraine Conflict

New York, 02/25/2022

For immediate release.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has recently issued advice to businesses and other entities on how to prepare for, and respond to, Russian threat actors should an attempt be made to breach their defenses. They have noted in their 'Shields Up' posting that all U.S. organizations are potentially at risk.

While there's no indication of any immediate attack, it is understood that Russia has conducted such activities in the past, and given the current circumstances, organizations could experience collateral damage from attacks on Ukraine, or even be targets of more tactical operations in response to U.S. or NATO ally issued sanctions.

In response to this situation, GNS plans to remain vigilant in continually updating our application of cybersecurity best practices, such as ensuring business continuity plans are operationally verified as effective, offline backups are regularly conducted and available when needed, and the execution of penetration testing against external facing services reveals secure defenses.

GNS is also taking a proactive approach to current threats, such as the scanning of all internal infrastructure on a daily basis. All clientele hosts within our environments are scanned weekly with Nessus as well, which executes extensive checks for vulnerabilities and malware. Nessus is configured to report everything against known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), which is a database of publicly disclosed information security issues, including additional security issues identified by Nessus. These reports undergo a regular formalized review process by our team. If any areas of concern are identified, we will contact the specific clients of interest as to when we can patch, or otherwise modify, infrastructure to ensure their continued security.

On a related note, as we have recently fielded several questions from clientele wondering if Kaspersky has been deployed to any of our infrastructure or hosted environments, we can report that it has not. There have been no deployments of either Russian or Chinese developed software or security products.

Given that the current crisis in Ukraine could become a long running event, we expect that threats and the security guidance to combat them will evolve as the conflict continues. GNS plans to keep a watchful eye in monitoring these developments to ensure our environments and that of our clientele remain safe and secure.

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