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GNS Announces iPAD Drawing Winner

GNS announced today that Dan Rives of Franklin Street Partners Inc. was the winner of an Apple iPAD in the drawing at the GNS booth during the Advent 2010 User Conference. 2010. When notified Dan said: "It was great to attend the Advent 2010 Conference in Las Vegas this year and meet the GNS team"

GNS was joined by over 1,200 other people in Las Vegas on September 20-22nd. The theme of the conference was "Platform for Growth", and as an Advent Premier Partner GNS looks forward to continuing to grow with Advent. During the conference the GNS team learned about the future of the Advent product line, and exchanged ideas with other Advent partners, users, and Advent Software staff.

This press release was published on 09.28.2010. For more information, please contact the GNS Sales Team.